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Pumpkin Mousse With A Spicy Twist

However, like most pumpkin mousses it is also light and creamy simultaneously and you will not feel stuffed afterwards. It is a nice choice to have after a heavy Thankgiving dinner.

Pumpkin Mousse With A Spicy TwistPhoto by Oaks Spa

If you have had enough of pumpkin pies and want to try something cool and creamy, pumpkin mousse is just the thing. There are quite a few versions of the recipe but this one here is a bit fancier and takes a bit longer to cook. However, like most pumpkin mousses it is also light and creamy simultaneously and you will not feel stuffed afterwards. It is a nice choice to have after a heavy Thankgiving dinner. Let’s see what you need to do.


· A cup full of cold heavy cream
· 1 can of pumpkin puree (about 15 oz)
· 1/3 cup of evaporated milk
· 1 box of instant pudding mix (pumpkin spice flavored)
· A teaspoon of vanilla extract
· A cup of spiced pecans

Remember, you can always do without the pecan if you do not mind excluding the taste. It is mostly what you want. You can make the spiced pecans following the steps mentioned below.

Preparing the Pecans

First, let’s see what you need to make them.
· 1 teaspoon of kosher salt
· 1/2 teaspoons of ground cumin, cayenne pepper, ground cinnamon and ground orange peel
· 1 pound of pecan halves
· 4 tablespoons of butter (unsalted)
· 1/4 cup of brown sugar (light)
· 2 tablespoons of packed brown sugar (dark)
· 2 table spoons of water

Once you have got all these, start following the steps below gradually:

First, put a parchment over a sheet pan and put it aside. You would need it for the cooling process.
Take your salt and the four spices listed as the second ingredient in a small bowl and mix it gently and completely. Once done, put it aside.
Place the pecan halves in a cast iron skillet and put it in medium heat. Toast them for about 5 minutes by stirring frequently. They should just start to brown about that time. Next, add the unsalted butter and keep stirring until it melts. Once that is done, add the spice mixture. Next, add your sugars and water and keep on stirring for about 3 minutes. The mixture should thicken by this time and coat the nuts.

Place the coated nuts on the sheet pan you prepared earlier and separate them with a spatula. Let them completely cool down before using for any purposes.

Instructions: Making the Mousse

Once your final ingredient the Spiced Pecans are done, you can move on to making the hero of the dish.
Whipping the cream: Transfer the cold heavy cream into a bowl and whisk it. It is better to use a stand mixer with a whisk. Do it for about 2 minutes or until medium peaks are formed.
Making the mousse: Take your puree and milk and put them in a different bowl. Start whisking. After a while add the vanilla extract and pudding mix into the mix and give them time to combine. Next, transfer the whipped cream into the second bowl and combine thoroughly. Once your mousse is done, put them in 6 dessert bowls or cups (each of 7 oz) and place them in refrigerator. Do not take them out before at least an hour. You can keep them there for up to 4 hours before serving.
Serving: Chop your pecans and sprinkle them just before serving.
Remember, you can always exclude the pecans if they seem too much of a hassle. Either way, you have a tasty dessert.

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