Enjoy This Delicious Hot Buttered Lemonade

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There are a lot of beverages that are available today. Some beverages are very easy to create. You can create your favorite beverage easily, especially when you know how to prepare these products. This recipe is going to teach you about how you can make delicious hot buttered lemonade. This beverage is very famous among many people today. If you love lemonade, you can consider making this beverage. It is well-known for its unique buttery flavor. Don’t forget to read this article to learn more about how you can create this drink easily and quickly.

Prepare All Ingredients and Equipment

When you want to make this beverage, you need to prepare all ingredients properly. Make sure that you prepare everything in advance, so you can make your favorite lemonade easily. Here are some useful ingredients that you should include to your list today. You should be able to find these ingredients from local market these days. These ingredients are good to make 4 servings of hot lemonade beverage.

– 3 cups regular water
– 3/4 cup lemon juice
– 2/3 cup sugar (It depends on your preference. If you don’t like sugar, you can reduce the amount of sugar easily)
– 1 – 1 1/2 tsp lemon peel
– 1 tbsp butter
– Additional cinnamon sticks (This ingredient is optional, but you can improve the flavor of your drink with this product)

Steps to Make This Delicious Beverage

1. Create your lemon juice. You can make this lemon juice from the fresh lemon. It is very easy to use the orange crusher for making this lemon juice.
2. Add lemon peel on your lemon juice, in order to improve its overall flavor. Lemon zest can add texture and interesting taste on your lemon juice.
3. Add some additional ingredients to your lemonade, for example sugar, water, and also cinnamon sticks. Don’t forget to add hot water to create hot lemonade.
4. At the end of the process, add 1 tbsp butter on top of your beverage. This butter is going to melt down because of your hot water. When the butter melts, it can provide buttery flavor on your lemonade.

Why Should You Make This Hot Butter Lemonade?

There are many reasons why you need to create this lemonade. This beverage is suitable for you who love lemonade with unique buttery flavor. The combination of lemonade and butter can make you enjoy this delicious drink. This beverage also has some important nutrients, for example healthy fat, cholesterol, sodium, fiber, carbohydrate, and also trace protein. These nutrients are very useful to improve your overall health significantly.

Make Your Favorite Hot Lemonade For Your Family

This beverage is suitable for any events. You can create this beverage for your families, relatives, or even friends, especially when they come to your home. You can make this beverage very quickly. Most people are able to create this beverage in 15 minutes or less. If you need to make an instant beverage for your families, you can consider making this hot butter lemonade today. It is very easy and simple to make this nutritious beverage.