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Crispy Ham n’ Egg Cups

When you want to make good breakfast for your family, you can consider making Ham-n-Eggy cups. This recipe is going to talk about how you can make this delicious crispy breakfast meal.

Crispy Ham n Egg Cups

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When you want to make good breakfast for your family, you can consider making ham n’ egg cups. This recipe is going to talk about how you can make this delicious crispy breakfast meal. It is very easy to prepare this delicious snack in your own kitchen. You don’t need to spend your time and money for making this snack. Because of this reason, many busy people are interested with this snack. You can prepare this snack for about 30 minutes or less. However, you need to prepare everything in advance for accelerating your cooking time. This recipe is going to make 8 egg cups for 8 servings.

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Crispy Ham n' Egg Cups
  • 8 slices of Virginia or Black Forest ham (You can select the best ham that is good for your needs. You can find many types of hams that are available in the meat shop. Any hams are going to work well in this recipe.)
  • 8 large eggs
  • Salt and pepper to improve the overall flavor of this snack
  • Fresh basil, parsley, and scallions (These ingredients can be used to improve the appearance of this snack. They can also add some unique flavors on these ham-n-egg cups. You should wash them properly before you add them to your cups)
  1. Coat your muffin cups with nonstick cooking spray. This tip is very useful to make your cooking process easier. If you don't have cooking spray, you can also use margarine or butter at the bottom part of your cups.
  2. Fit each slice of ham to every muffin cup. This ham is going to hang over the edges of these cups. It is a normal thing to have these hung hams. Make sure that you place your ham correctly, so you can avoid getting leaks during the cooking process
  3. Add one egg to each cup. You should crack the egg very carefully. Make sure that the white and yolk are still separated.
  4. Bake in the oven for about 10 - 15 minutes. You should bake in the oven at 400 degrees F. You should cook this snack until all whites are cooked. The yolks should be still runny for creating the best texture of this snack.
  5. Season these cups with salt and pepper. When it is necessary, you can also add some other ingredients, such as scallions, chopped basil, and also parsley.
  6. Remove your ham from these muffin cups.

Enjoy Your Favorite Ham n’ Egg cups

They are some useful tips on how you can make these cups. These ham cups can be made very easily. This snack can be a great option for you who want to serve your families, relatives, and many other guests in your home. There is no complicated procedure for making this snack.

Get Some Useful Nutrients from This Snack

When you consume this snack regularly, you can also get some useful nutrients from this meal. This snack is very well-known because it contains the high amount of protein. This protein comes from the bacon and egg whites. There are many other useful nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, from this product. You can enjoy this delicious and nutritious snack in your daily life today.

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